Hare Krishna Mahamantra

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण, कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे || हरे राम हरे राम, राम राम हरे हरे||

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Story of Bhakt Dhruva (A great devotee of Krishna)

King Uthanapad had two wives. They were Suneethi and Suruchi. Sunithi had a son, Dhruv and Surichi’s son was Uthaman. Sunithi was elder and a mature woman leading a life of Dharma or righteousness.  Suruchi was young and proud and lived with vanity of her own appearance.

The king too was completely under a spell of Suruchi’s charm and fascinated by her that he gave less attention to Suneethi and Dhruv. Suneethi was aware of this, so she stood apart with aloof dignity. She led a religious life of honour. Suruchi never let the king keep away from her and she started involving in the issues of the court and kingdom.

One day after the court was adjourned King Uthanapad was spending his time with Suruchi. Dhruv and Uthaman were playing in front. Suddenly Uthaman ran to the king and sat on his lap. The king held him close and embraced him with fatherly love. Watching this Dhruv too ran to sit on his father’s lap. But Suruchi pulled him and threw him on the floor shouting, “ Go away. If you were to be loved by your father, you had to be born as my son. You were not fortunate to have a mother like me. You can now go and pray to God and get the blessing to be born again. There is no way otherwise to sit on your father’s lap.”

The king didn’t utter a word, so Dhruv ran to his mother crying.

Suneethi consoled her son and asked, “What went wrong, my son? Why are you crying?”

“When I tried to sit on my father’s lap, Suruchi maa scolded me.” Dhruv explained.

Suneethi “Your clothes are dirty from playing. You haven’t taken a bath. That can be the reason for her denial.”

Dhruv “But Uthaman too was playing with me. His sweat and dirt was wiped by father.”

Suneethi “What did she tell you?”

Dhruv “She said, If I had to sit on father’s lap, I have to be born as her son, and she asked me to do tapasya for that.”

Suneethi “What she said is right.Only with God’s blessings, we get to be fortunate. “

Dhruv started walking, ”Mother, I too want the attain that supreme place near my father, so I’ll do the tapasya.”

Suneethi adviced him saying he was too young to go through such hardships as Tapasya and asked him to come back.

Dhruv “Don’t  stand on my way, mother. But bless me so that I get success. As you said, it’s God who protects all, He will protect me too.”

Dhruv touched his mother’s feet and asked her not to cry. With her blessings he set out to the forest with his mind concentrated only on his aim.

He didn’t feel any hunger or thirst. Dhruv just walked onward. On the way he met Narada Maharshi.

Dhruv and Narada conversation

Narada, “Where are you going my child?”

Dhruv “I want the darshan of God. I want His blessings.”

“Are you not too young to face such hardships all alone?” Narada asked.

“With your blessings I will get Bhagavat darshan, “Dhruv was determined.

Narada, delighted with this young boy’s determination, blessed him, “Anyone with utmost faith and devotion will surely get Bhagavat Darshan. You are a blessed child. May the Lord appear before you and give the boon you want”. Think of Sri Narayanan and chant the Divya mantra, “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya”. The Lord is very kind and He will surely hear you.”

With this Narada disappeared.

Dhruv went ahead chanting the mantra. Then he reached Madhuvan. He found a place suitable for Tapasya. He started his Upavas. In the beginning, he would take water and fruits, then as days went by, he discarded all food and water.

His vigorous Tapasya shook the world. There was disturbance in all living things. Devas sought refuge and requested Lord Vishnu to help them. Lord was pleased with Dhruv’s Bhakti and decided to appear before him.

Lord Vishnu reached Madhuvan.  The breeze touched the trees, they showered the flowers all over the forest and the birds sang in their sweetest sound. Peacocks danced with their beautiful feather spread out. The whole world filled with a divine fragrance.

Lord Vishnu touched Dhruv and he opened his eyes from Tapasya.

Lord Vishnu asked Dhruv, “I’m pleased with your Bhakti, my child, what boon shall I give you? “

Lord Vishnu, Garuda and Dhruv
But Dhruv was unable to utter a single world after looking at the Lord. He was looking at Lord Vishnu with tears in his eyes. He was feeling like embracing the Lord and don't letting him go. He was feeling like this is the end to all his desires and ambitions. Dhruv laid down and washes Lord's feet with his tears. Lord Vishnu holds Dhruv & takes him on his own lap and heals his burns and hunger.

Dhruv said: "I came to the forests in search of glass pieces (for fulfilling worldly desires) but attained diamonds (the sight of Lord Vishnu) in return”.

Then he thought all his previous desires for worldly pleasures were just because of his ignorance. Real happiness is in loving the Lord Krishna.

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