Hare Krishna Mahamantra

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण, कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे || हरे राम हरे राम, राम राम हरे हरे||

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Killing of Demon Dhenukasura in Talavana

When Krishna and Balarama entered sixth year of their ages, they got the permission to take the cattles out for grazing. Along with their fellow cowherds the two brothers too began to take their cattle to Vrindavana. Thus they sanctified the earth of Vrindavana with their pious feet. Seeing the beauty of Vrindavana, with beautiful, colourful flowers and sweet fruits, Lord Krishna felt overjoyed. He then used to graze his cattles at the foothills of Govardhan and on the banks of Yamuna River. Playing flute was his favourite pass time. 
Krishna Balram taking cows for grazing grass of Talvana
One day one of the Krishna's beloved friend said: Kanhaiya, there is a beautiful forest name Talvana. It has uncountable numbers of trees laden with ripe fruits. But a formidable demon Dhenukasura guards that forest, He is very strong. So no one, even animals and birds, doesn't go there. But we are tempted to eat those sweet delicious fruits. If you and Daau (Balarama) wish, we may go there and eat those delicious fruits."
Cowherd boys telling Krishna and Balrama about Talvana
Thus hearing this, Krishna and Balarama guided all of them to Talvana. There they shook the trees and in no time a heap of ripe, delicious fruits gathered under the trees. All the cowherds began to eat fruits. While eating, they were also making lot of noises. 

Disturbed by the sound of fruits falling and noise of the cowherds, the demon Dhenukasura arrived there by assuming a form of donkey to hide his real identity and confuse Krishna, Balram and his friends. He was braying loudly and tried to hit Balarama, but Balrama caught him by his hind legs and threw him in the air over the palm trees. The demon died in an instance.  Because of the dead bodies of the asses, there was a panoramic scene.  It appeared as if clouds of various colors were assembled in the trees. 
Balrama swinging Dhenukasura in air
Hearing of this great incident, the demigods from the higher planets began to shower flowers on Krsna and Balarama and began to beat their drums and offer devotional prayers.

A few days after the killing of Dhenukasura, people began to come into the Talavana forest to collect the fruits, and animals began to return without fear to feed on the nice grasses grown there. Just by chanting or hearing these transcendental activities and pastimes of the brothers Krsna and Balarama, one can amass pious activities.

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